Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy January.

Well, January has thus far proven to be mostly a bust. I've kindof stagnated, and haven't really moved forward at all. It to an extent feels like I'm just "going through the motions" of a regular life. Of course I have a good life, but it's not really "going anywhere". I'm making less money now, as my desire to move forward grows, so I am subsequently unable to do said moving forward. It unfortunately looks as if I'm going to need to be getting another job in the coming months if I intend to move forward with my current plans, which at the moment seems to be concerned with getting a single-wide trailer, building credit, and having my own living space. My current psuedo-plight is mostly related to the fact that I don't have my own space. I need to get more money, and move forward.

In other news, Twitter seems to be becoming mofe popular amongst second or third wave adopters, and a lot of people I know have been getting it, which is a mixed blessing because of the fact that yes, its nice to have the system be more valuable, but it also exposes the fact that Twitter needs to get grouped messaging in order to slightly privatize the whole process, while allowing the open user interaction that has been the hallmark of the project thus far.

I'm talking out my ass right now, but thats okay, I just felt like expressing myself.

Twitter feed: What are you doing?

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