Friday, January 9, 2009

Horror, Twitter, Day off.

Tomorrow, or more appropriately I suppose, today, is my day off.
I don't know what I will do with said time, but its going to be a good day.

Most likely, I'll spend a fair bit of my day working on a design for Dean Toland (@realjamesdean on twitter) and his soon to be existent tech consultation business. It'll be nice to do some graphic design work again, and it'll be even nicer, to be compensated for it. The last time I did any graphic design work, it was from the goodness of my heart, and the design was lauded, then butchered and I didn't even recieve a copy of the final product as payment. No names, but my eyes are being cast towards a certain high school's Student Council.

I'm doing my usual thing, which is sitting in bed too wired from waking up too late, whilst Madelaine sleeps and I watch the cats fight, all the while Stumbling, Wikipedia-ing, and reading blogs. Also, Twitter. Goddamn do I love Twitter. Anyway, but the current time-waste objective is looking up films I'd like to watch. Upcoming, old, recent, obscure, mainstream.

For Christmas, I recieved a 750 gig hard-drive, so that will be the home of a lot of those films in the near future.

In other news, through a series of comical and interesting stretching techniques I have safely and slowly stretched my ears past a half inch and am now comfortably sitting at 5/8" (16mm).

Madelaine has decided to undertake her first act of body-modification and stretch her earlobes as well. Its cute and I look forward to picking out jewelery with her in the near future for her next stretch, and mine as well.

Work has as of late, been a bit surreal. Its like I'm not so much working as going to hang out and roll burritos. Which is good. If I think about it like that and still manage to work hard, I think I 'll be able to fully enjoy work quite a bit more than I have previously. But, unfortunately we are slowing down quite a bit, and as such the incredibly large staff is having to more or less share hours. Its beginning to grate on some people. I don't count myself among them because honestly, when labor costs are the concern, the squeaky wheel doesn't get the oil, it gets changed and a less squeaky wheel gets put in its place. I fully expect some cut-backs on hours, and eventually, potentially a cut-back in the amount of staffed workers at all. Hopefully if that happens, I won't get the axe. Time will tell, I suppose.

Hmm. Its about 4 am which means I need to get some sleep. Good night, all. Tweet me in the morning.


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