Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The State of the Nathan Address.

Work, is hard. I've begun to work a full time, and then some, schedule. I have thus far worked over 40 hours every week since we've opened. We're at week 4. The work is usually stressful, but good co-workers and wonderful, caring managers makes it a pleasure. Over the next month, they're going to begin to screen and interview potential shift leaders. The position would involve a pay-raise and would be a wrung up the managerial ladder. I'm excited, and I hope I could potentially handle the responsibility.

Outside of work, I dont have a tremendous amount of free-time which in to really do too much, I have a couple evenings a week free, Saturdays during the day, and usually Sunday completely off. So if you'd like to get together, contact me, and I'll see if we can set something up.

I've been watching a lot of movies. Both in theatres, and on DVD. I've bought a shit-ton of horror films in the last few weeks. I've been on a bit of a Hannibal Lecter kick, heh. In theatres, however, most recently I've seen "Religulous", which was hilarious, and at turns depressing, and "W." which was depressing, and at turns hilarious. I'd recommend seeing both. Religulous not so much if youre in the Bible-Belt camp. But not too many people reading this are. W was a really poignant and even-handed film, and it was fantastic. Go see them both. They're both playing at AMC, I know for a fact.

Bleh. I don't really have much to talk about seeing as not too much has happened, save that I've been working a 45 hour work week. So. I suppose I'm out.

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